Core Values

The Foundation We Build Upon

Live to Make
Christ famous

Everything we do is all about Him! To make Him known in the subtle ways, as well in the overt...we owe the world an encounter with the risen Savior, and the Lover of our soul. He's amazing....! The world should know, and thru our radical obedience they will know..!

An Oasis
Of Love

being known by our love is our mark of distinction. We love all regardless of their beliefs and lifestyles. We believe real love, agape, the God-kind cannot be legislated. We create a loving environment, believing in the redemptive purpose for all. We lead in, and are led by love. We make the conscious decision to both love first, and love last.

No One is
Beyond Redemption

No person with breath in their body is beyond being received, if calling out to the Lord with a sincere heart. From some of the most broken past will arise tomorrow's greatest leaders. We never believe it's over for anyone who'll look to Jesus for a way of escape.

Committed to Being
a House of Prayer

We're a people that are steadfast in prayer. It's in prayer that we enforce His victory, receive our instructions, and even deal with our personal issues. We're committed to creating a generation of believers that live out of the place of prayer. Prayer is not just something that we do, but a place we occupy. We see further, stand stronger, and achieve more...on our knees.


we’re loud and expressive because we sing for ONE! We dance, shout, and we believe our love shouldn't be muzzled out of fear of man. We dare not be passionate towards other pleasures, and modest in our expression to our Redeemer. We believe worship extends beyond song, and bleeds into every aspect of life. David said "my soul shall make her boast in the Lord..." Ps.34:2. Worship should be allowed to reach your soul..meaning your mind, will, and EMOTIONS!. Just as we pray violently, we worship uninhibited.

Teaching One Into

We believe that there should be visible changes that accompanies one growth. We believe that there's transformative power that manifests in ones life, as we accept the word of God in our hearts. We believe in teaching that should also be experienced. As we are taught the word of God, we excel in strength, and do exploits.

Disciplers of Reformers

We don't aspire to be like everyone else, but believe that Abba broke the mold with us, so we live like it. We don't just make disciples, but reformers. Those sound in their doctrine, strong in their faith, therefore radical in their stance, and bold in their beliefs. The world doesn't need anymore cheap replicas.. but reformers to arise.

A Church That Changes Culture

We scale the walls of modern culture to invade and influence as the leaven of Heaven. We believe that all called are not to be confined to a pulpit, but rather invade culture, and places where Christ may not be regularly named, in order to display His amazing love. Be it through healing the sick, saving the lost, revealing the mind of God prophetically, or any other way. We are dispensers of light, and shift the spiritual landscape so what is seen around us is brought into alignment with the Lord’s desire.

In Everything, Contend For Covenant

We believe the Word of God without hesitation, and are fully convinced that God does miracles today. Any area that is not reflecting the realities of Heaven, we challenge to see the Kingdom of God invade, and fully redeem. We believe that some promises must be possessed by tenacious faith. We boldly declare God's Word until we see a mirroring of Heaven in the Earth in every area of our lives.

We Continue Christ’s Works; Destroying Darkness

We are the physical representation of Christ in the Earth. Therefore it is through us that His work is done. When we see darkness, we attack it violently. Our assignment is to rid our spheres of influence from any and every tampering of darkness. We not only loose people but entire regions, cities, nations, and generations from the powers of hell; for we have come for a time such as this.

Training Station

we not only believe, but we train and equip ministry gifts. We reproduce with intentions of sending out, and duplicating advancement in every region, and for every generation. Our goal is that Christ is properly represented in every generation. We create a foundation for coming generations to build upon, and a momentum for their acceleration.

Spiritual Plowman

We receive supernatural insight and move in it. As plowmen we go first, we don't wait for others to validate what we've received, and we take the lead. We believe intercession leads to instruction that should be followed by Kingdom invasion. God doesn't give advice or guidance. He gives direction. We are watchmen that refuse to be silent...for the generation goes in the way we lead.