Our Mission

Church Meant To Transform

Growing In God

The Transformation Station was a giving of identity for Greater Works. After a season of praying and fasting the Lord spoke that the ministry would serve as a entity that He would be able to mass produce mature believers. The intent was that they would be equipped to properly reflect Him within their spheres of influence. We read in Rom.8:19, that the world is awaiting for the manifestation of the sons (Gk. hious- mature and strong children, bearing their Father’s resemblance), not necessarily more pastors, preachers, and teachers. We understood that if sons are what the Lord uses to transform cultures, then sons would be what we would ever be striving to become. It has been said, that transformed people, transform cities… with that in mind, everything we do at Greater Works is geared towards the transformation of those who join us in growing in the things of God.

Receiving The Promise

While the people of God celebrated the ministry and courage of Moses for bringing them out of Egypt, it was the ministry of Joshua that would eventually bring them into the Promised Land. We have fully embraced our mandate of empowering the believers to possessing their promise land. At Greater Works we are intentional about the development of our spiritual lives. While many are grateful to be saved, and born again, there’s still a necessity to be discipled. In Gal.4:1, Paul teaches that being immature will keep us from experiencing all the Lord has intended for us.

Shortly after accepting my calling to preach, the Lord made clear that my assignment was to serve those who found themselves stranded between conversion and covenant.


Conversion means that you may have already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but not quite entering into covenant.


Covenant means that much is still lacking from what has been declared to be experienced for the Believer.

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The Place of Change

Whether it’s a lack of understanding scripture, a weak prayer life, or struggle with tendencies that you feel separate you from the Lord, Greater Works can help. We’re a house of zealous believers that strive to see the promises of God manifest in their lives. We are fully convinced of the Lord’s goodness towards us, as well as the victory that was obtained for us upon the Cross. It’s the faithfulness of God that births an unshakable confidence in us. In a family like atmosphere, we create multiple opportunities to help people grow in their faith, which translate to transformed lives. Please make time to come and fellowship with us, and we trust that the transforming power of God will begin to start securing greater victories in you and your family as well. Welcome to the Place of Change!